Convince Me Applet

If your browser supports Java, an applet window called Convince Me will soon pop up on your screen, assuming you have a browser that supports Java 1.1 or higher. If you are running Windows XP, you may have to install the Sun Java plugin, which is part of the standard Java Runtime Environment.


Getting started guides are available. Units 1 and 2 provide an introduction to hypotheses, evidence, and reasoning about arguments, and Unit 3 provides an introduction to Convince Me.


Want to save your argument from the applet? Applets (actually, unsigned applets) like Convince Me are not allowed to save to your hard drive for security reasons. If you want to save your argument, download and install the application version of Convince Me from Sourceforge instead.


Want to print the applet window? The applet is running in your browser, but browsers don't always print applets the same way as they display them. So take a screenshot of the applet and then print the screenshot.

Learn more about the Convince Me software and how to get the application version or access the source code.