Convince Me is a Java program for generating and analyzing arguments. Convince Me uses a connectionist model, called ECHO, to provide feedback on the coherence of the arguments entered into the application. Convince Me is beta software, and may contain bugs.

Convince Me is licensed for evaluation purposes only and comes with no warranty or support.

Download Convince Me from SourceForge. The source code is available under the GNU Public License.

To start, try opening the sample ice cubes argument. On Windows, right click on the link to download this file to your hard drive. On Mac OS X, Control-click and choose Save Linked File As... to download. Then run Convince Me, choose Open Argument from the File menu, and select the file named "icecubes.xml".

See also some getting started guides.

If your browser supports Java (very rare, nowadays), you can try the Convince Me applet.

Change History

7/8/03: Refactored source code and made various improvements, posted new applet (awt) and application (swing) version along with source code (GNU license) on SourceForge
5/6/03: Upated web site with new design
12/11/98: Modified code to use Java Swing components.
9/17/98: Multiple and single window options added. Reliability added for evidence.
9/9/98: Convince Me applet installed on web
3/01/98: Convince Me applet available in Java 1.1.